Stain Removal How to Remove Clothing Stains Removal Techniques Tips


Stain Removal How to Remove Clothing Stains Removal Techniques Tips, We are providing you to information about how to removal of different types of stains from clothes, Curry Stains, Ink Stains, Tea, Coffee, Fruit, Tar, Paints, Rust, Wax Stains, etc.

Stain Removal Agents

Tea Stains

Pour boiling water through stain, holding tea kettle from a height. It may first be soaked in cold water or glycerine may be applied to it before Pouring boiling water


Alkalies  use warm water and an like  acid vinegar, lemon juice or cream of tartar or mild acetic acid

Note: alkalies destroy colours.


for gentian violet, methylene blue

(frequently used to color bleaches dye. Bo chloride of mercury) apply bleach such as chlorine water or oxalic acid or both, thoroughly rinsing out the bleach with warm water. Methylene  blue is mostly used in Laboratory procedures or some times in bladder irrigation wash in chlorine water


Rinse in cold water to remove does not wash in fresh or recently dried blood soak in Cold water with  ammonia (Ammonia is a Solvent of Blood ),

wash with soap and warm water when the stain be-comes brown and paler. If blood is dry, apply hydrogen Peroxide,Wash in cold water

when the stain is old keep it wet with Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

For several hours if necessary.

For thick blood or blood on mattress apply a thick paste of starch and water and allow standing in the sun when the paste is dry and discolored brush off and apply fresh paste


Do not wash in hot water before the article has been soaked in cold water it sets blood stains ,

Castor oil

Apply alcohol, Placing a cloth pad or Blotter paper under the Stain.then Wash with soap or send to Laudry,


Beware alcohols are inflammable,

Paint and varnish

Grease and Oils

Wash in warm water and soap
Then apply a grease solvent, such as gasoline,

Chloroform, or carbon tetrachloride, using blotters or a cloth pad to absorb the grease etc. (for paraffin and especially for wax).

After rubbing the solvent into the stained areas,

Wash out with soap to remove the solvent along with the grease etc.

Grease and oil often contain finally-divided iron. If after the grease itself has been removed a yellow iron stain remains, this residual stain may be removed by one of

The rust-removing solvent,

Coffee Stains,

Pour on boiling water with force.

If unsuccessful, use a bleaching Agent.

Coloured Candle wax Stains

Scrape off as much as possible With a knife.

Then rub with grease Dalda or turpentine. Let it stand


It is better not to let candle wax fall on linen, by placing a saucer under the candle.

Curry Stain

Scrape off as much as possible With a knife.

Then rub with grease Dalda or turpentine.

Let it stand A few minutes, and wash with cold water and soapy water.


Before using oxalic acid on colored material, it should be tested for fading effect.

Be sure to rinse out all the acid well.

Indelible Pencil Or type- write Ribbon Ink,

Soak and rub hard with concentrated soap solution. If the Stain has set, Boil in same sud. If the Stain has set, boil in same suds. If material is non –washable , Sponge with  methylated Sprint

Sprint, using blotters or clean cloth pad under material to absorb immediately.

The method depends on the character of the ink. The following

Methods may be used;

  1. When washable ink is very fresh, it may sometimes be washed out in clear water.
  2. Apply dilute hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid (1/2 tea spoon to a cup of water); rinse thoroughly.

. Moisten with salt and add lemon juice; then pour boiling water; rinse soapy water

  1. Apply hydrogen peroxide and dilute ammonia
  2. Red ink may be removed with water and ammonia.
  3. For indelible ink, try a 10% solution of potassium cyanide.

Fruit Stains

Wash immediately or if later rub soap on the stain. Leave in sun for Fifteen minutes. Then wash with

Cold water and soap.

Gelatin,Glue or Mucilage stains,

Wash in warm soapy water. If not removed Stain , treat with glacial acetic
Acid or vinegar;

apply with a sponge and rinse article several times in clear warm article several times in clear warm water.

Grass Stain

Wash cloth in clear cold water,

put on molasses (gur syrup) let stand for a few minutes,

then wash in warm water to bleach filly. If material is non-washable and ether equal Parts,


Apply a starch paste and continue to do so until the stain is removed easily by treatment the stain with a Solution of Carbolic 1:20 and, then rinse. If iodine falls on the floor pour on water at once and wipe at once. Use a sponge with methylated Sprints before it drives.

The Rust (Iron)

Apply lemon juice and salt, then place in strong hydrofluoric acid for several hours, and wash by regular method. One may dip the stained area in a hot solution Of oxalic acid made up to contain one ounce per gallon.

Paint and varnish

For cotton and linen, rub with
Benzene or petrol and tetrachloride. Wash the material well in hot soda –ash solution; the letter reacts with the oleic acid to form “red oil” soap. For silk and linen apply turpentine, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or chloro form.


Treat stain immediately. If soaking over night do not leave near heat. When using Petrol remembers it is inflammable.

Mildew and mould

If fresh, it may be removed by washing but if old, It is impossible and it cannot be removed from coloured cloth.

For cotton use chlorine water and a strong soap or salt solution, then apply a paste of soap or salt and chalk,
Mildew is also soluble by the action of 80 percent acetic acid solution,


Prevention is best never throw wet clothes in the laundry box nor send damp clothes to the dhobi,


It is removed by regular washing process for cotton and linen,

Wash in water containing a few drops of ammonia.


It would have been wiser to prevent perspiration stain with protective pads and deodorants e.g.

By mum or 25 percent aluminum chloride.

How  to remove stains Video Tutorial watch

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