Bed Bath Nursing Procedure Types of baths Bed Bath Nursing Procedure

Bed Bath

Bed Bath Nursing Procedure Types of baths Bed Bath Nursing Procedure is common procedure for promoting Skin care it is a part of total hygiene practice who are admitted in Hospital or Bed Ridden Clients or Patients, we are providing you to latest Information about Bed Bath Introduction, Medical Definition of Complete Bed Bath, Types of Bed bath,

Importance of Bed Bath in Nursing, Importance, of Bed Bathing and Personal Hygiene, How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Bed Ridden Persons, Purpose of Bed Bathing,  Bed Bathing Equipments need for Procedure,Partial Bed Bath Steps, Contraindication of Bed Bath,


Bathing removes accumulated dirt and some pathogenic and Non pathogenic bacteria,

Definition of Bed Bath

A body Wash that you give to who is Unable to leave their Bed Some one need to Maintain their good personal Hygiene,

Bed Bath Means cleaning Patients Body from Head to toe, or Removing of dirt and Promoting Skin Care and Promote Personal hygiene

– Surendra RN


Types of  Bed Bath

  • Partial Bed Bath
  • Complete Bed Bath
  • Towel Bath
  • Tub Bath
  • Bag Bath


  1. To remove accumulated waste products and dirt from the skin.
  2. To stimulate the functions of the skin.
  3. To sooth and refresh the body.
  4. To observe and to detect abnormalities.
  5. To stimulate circulation of Skin.
  6. To Promote relaxation and comfort


Bed Bathing  Equipments need for Procedure

1.A tray containing:

–          Spirit or skin lotion

–          Powder

–          Comb

–          Coconut oil

–          Kidney tray with paper bag

–          Sponge bag or wash clothes – 2

–          Soap dish with soap

–          Nail cutter or scissors

–          Nail brush

–          Duster

–          Bath towel

–          Equipment for mouth care if needed

–          Paper squares

–          Basin

–          Jugs 2 (One with hot water and other with cold water)

–          Bucket

–          Lotion thermometer

–          Patient clothes and linen for making if required.

Bed Bath Nursing Procedure Steps

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient.
  2. Collect articles, take to bed side, and provide privacy.
  3. Switch off the fan.
  1. Place the patient in comfortable position.
  2. Give mouth care if needed.
  3. Remove the counter pane, and blanket, fold and place over the foot end of the bed if weather permits.
  4. Undress the patient, fold and place it over railing of head end if needed.
  5. Take water half full in a basin, test the temperature of water by placing the back of the hand in the water.
  6. Place towel on the chest, wash rinse and dry the eyes, face, ears and neck.

Place towel under the far arm wash, rinse and dry forearm, upper arm and axilla.

  1. Place basin or towel, dip the hand in water wash, rinse, and dry. Repeat the arm nearest to the nurse provide nail care if needed.
  1. Fold the top sheet upto the waist. Cover chest with towel wash.
  2. Fold the top sheet up to pubis. Wash rinse and dry abdomen. Replace the sheet.
  3. Place the towel under the a leg. Wash rinse and dry the thigh and repeat for the leg nearest to the nurse.
  4. Place basin on the towel. Flex the far knee and place the foot in the basin wash with the brush rinse and dry. Repeat for the foot nearest to the nurse.
  5. Turn the patient to the side facing away from the nurse. If the assistants available otherwise turn the patient to the side facing towards the nurse. Place the towel to the bed along with side line of the back, wash rinse and dry back and rub with spirit(sacrum to medial area of the back shoulder, sides and buttocks with circular movements) or skin lotion or powder or oil depending upon condition of the skin and policy of the institution.
  6. Make half of the bed.
  7. Let the patient wash, rinse and dry the public area.
  8. Help the patient to put on clothes.
  9. Complete the bed.
  10. Assist with the care of hair if needed.
  11. Remove screen.
  12. Take equipment for cleaning to the dirty area wash dry and replace. Boil the sponge bags. Dry and replace them.
  13. Record observation and reactions of the patient.


–          For incontinent patient clean the patient first wear gloves for cleaning the patient. Discard the sponge bag and gloves, wash hands, clean the basin then proceed for the bath.

–          Use long firm strokes for cleaning extremities.

For admission bath:

–          Use a long bed mackintosh and two sheets.

–          Fan fold the top bed clothes at the foot end of the bed.

–          Spread the long bed mackintosh and a sheet over the foundation of the bed.

–          Cover the patient with other sheet.

–          After the bed bath remove the long bed mackintosh and both the sheets.

–          Put the patient on the clean bed.


TimeDateMedication and TreatmentNurses Notes
8-00Bed Bath given client Felt fresh
and comfortable

How to giving  a patient to Bed Bath Procedure Video

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