Disaster Management How to React respond and Prepare

Disaster Management

Disaster Management How to React respond and Prepare

The Disaster Management involves

  • Initial alert
  • Plan activation
  • Formation of command nucleus.
  1. Initial Alert:-

The hospital may be alerted by the emergency itself this happens in cases where.

The accident takes place near the hospital or the hospital is informed on the telephone or through a person.

The person in the hospital who receiver’s information about the disaster should gather details regarding   causalities.  There details include;

  • Place and time of accident.
  • Estimated number and type of causalities.
  • Source of communication.

The place and time of accident determine the reaction of time of the hospital while the type of causality dictates the type of preparation required by the hospitals.

  1.  Plan activation:

The designated hospital staff – causality medical officer, hospital controller, hospital administrator and senior specialist should be responsible for activating disaster management plan.

The switch board operators, clues on duty or causality in charge should notify the key personnel, activate emergency departments. Such as radiology department, O.T, blood bank, laboratory, medical stores, dietary services, security and ambulances.

The maximum no of staff should be available within 10 minutes of disaster notification.

The matron or senior nursing officer on duty should  prepare a  pre arranged  ward  receive  causalities.


The command nucleus , which  includes the  hospital  controller , matron or senior nursing  officer , and hospital  administrator should  be  formulated  immediately and it should be near  the causality department.

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